Welcome To Tiinoo


Tiinoo is focus on developing unity plugins.
Our goal is to help you make games a bit easier.
The plugins developed by us are listed below:

1. Find Pro
find pro
- Find all references to an asset.
- Find missing references.
- Find where a public variable value is being used.
- Supports searching both in the project view and in the hierarchy view.
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2. Device Console
device console
- Provides an in-game console to view full Unity console logs on devices.
- Filter the logs.
- The logs you care about can be viewed separately.
- Easy to disable it from your builds.
- Implemented with UGUI.
- Supports all the platforms Unity supports.
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3. Disable Logging
disable logging
- Enable/Disable logs in builds easily.
- Output the specific logs with the color you like.
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4. NotEditable In Inspector
not editable in inspector
- Make fields not editable in the inspector.
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5. Cut and Paste
cut and paste
-¬†Adds “Cut Assets” and “Paste Assets” options to assets context menu.
- Supports moving multiple assets at the same time.
- The .meta file will not be changed after the move.
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Try these plugins. You will love them.

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