Jul 152015

Cut and Paste
- Helps you move assets quickly and easily

1. Quick Start:
Don’t forget to remove the old version of the plugin before updating. See How to remove the plugin?

Import the plugin, then read the following instructions.

1.1 How to move assets?
In Project View:
1) Choose the assets you want to move, right click and select “Cut Assets”.
2) Choose where you want to paste the assets, right click and select “Paste Assets”.
Tips: You can select multiple assets and move them at the same time.
>> Watch the video

1.2 How to set Shortcut Key?
If you want to set Shortcut Key, please edit CPMenu.cs
For example:
[MenuItem("Assets/Cut Assets &x", false, 60)] // Alt+X
[MenuItem("Assets/Paste Assets &v", false, 61)] // Alt+V

1.3 How to remove the plugin?
To remove the plugin (version <= 1.0.1)
Delete the folder Assets/CutAndPaste

To remove the plugin (version >= 1.0.2)
Delete the folder Assets/Tiinoo/CutAndPaste

2. Links:
Overview | Youtube | Changelog | Unity Forum thread