Aug 302015

Device Console
- view logs on devices easily

1. Quick Start:
Don’t forget to remove the old version of the plugin before updating. See How to remove the plugin?

Import the plugin, then read the following instructions.
>> Watch the video

1.1 Setup
Please drag the DCLoader.prefab into your first scene. That’s all.
(Path of the DCLoader.prefab: Assets\Tiinoo\DeviceConsole\DCLoader.prefab)

If you want to disable Device Console from your builds, you can add a DISABLE_DC symbol in “Player Settings -> Scripting Define Symbols”. Then there will be no console on devices. As follows:

1.2 How to open the console?
On mobile: Swipe down with two fingers.
On PC: press the key F1.

Above are the default settings, you can change them in the settings window of Device Console.
(Window > Tiinoo > Device Console > Settings)

1.3 How to use the console?

1.4 How to configure?
Use the settings window to configure.
(Window > Tiinoo > Device Console > Settings)

Open With Gesture: Select the gesture to open the console on mobile.
Open With Key: Select the key to open the console on PC.

UI Layer: The layer of the Device Console UI.
Canvas Sort Order: The sort order of the Device Console canvas in Overlay render mode. If you can’t make the Device Console appear over your UI, which is made with UGUI and uses Overlay render mode too, please set this value to a bigger value.

Exception Notification: Show the console when an exception occurs even if the console is closed.

1.5 How to view the logs you care about separately?
(1) Call DCWatcher.LogXXX() instead of Debug.LogXXX() to output the logs you care about.
(2) Don’t forget to add “using Tiinoo.DeviceConsole;” to the scripts which call the DCWatcher.LogXXX().
(3) Toggle watcher icon in the console to see the logs you care about separately.

1.6 How to remove the plugin?
To remove plugin (version == 1.0.0)
Delete the folder Assets/DeviceConsole

To remove plugin (version >= 2.0.0)
Delete the folder Assets/Tiinoo/DeviceConsole

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