Jul 182016

NotEditable In Inspector
NotEditable In Inspector
- Prevent users from modifying the values of fields in the inspector

1. Quick Start:
Don’t forget to remove the old version of the plugin before updating. See How to remove the plugin?

Import the plugin, then read the following instructions.

1.1 How to use?
If you want to make a filed read-only in the inspector, just tag it with the attribute [NotEditableInInspector].
You will see the fields tagged with [NotEditableInInspector] go grey and not editable.
For example:

(1) Codes:

(2) Inspector

Note: If you want to make a private or protected field displayed in the inspector and not editable, you should use both [SerializeField] and [NotEditableInInspector] attributes.

For example:
private int num2 = 120;

1.2 How to remove the plugin?
To remove the plugin, just delete the folder Assets/Tiinoo/NotEditable.

2. Links:
Overview | Changelog