Disable Logging – Changelog


Current Version: 2.1.2

- FIX: InvalidOperationException caused by invoking DontDestroyOnLoad() in DLogOption.Awake().

- NEW: Do some refactors.

- NEW: Rename Logger.cs to DLog.cs to avoid conflicts with UnityEngine.Logger.
- NEW: DLog.cs is in UnityEngine namespace, so there is no need for calling “using” in most cases and the insert tool is removed.
- NEW: Rename LoggerOption.cs to DLogOption.cs
- NEW: All files are moved into the ‘Assets/Tiinoo/DisableLogging’ folder.
- NEW: All menu items are moved to ‘Windows > Tiinoo > Disable Logging’.
If you use the old version of the plugin (version <= 2.0.0) in your project and want to upgrade to the newest version of the plugin (version >= 2.1.0),
please view the chapter ‘How to upgrade from old version?’ in Readme.pdf.

- NEW: Remove “Console Window” to focus on the feature of “enable/disable logs”.
We provide another more professional plugin named “Device Console” to supply the feature of “view logs on devices”.
You can choose one or both as you see fit.

- NEW: Support for dragging logs of the Console Window.

- NEW: Add “Auto Scroll To Bottom” button in the Menu Window.

- NEW: Add options to support the screen console on a high resolution device.
- NEW: Add a Menu Window to adjust the parameters of the Console Window.

- NEW: Add two options for LoggerOption. (enableAllForDevelopmentBuild, enableAllForEditorMode)
- NEW: Add a tool for batch adding “using DisableLogging;” to the scripts which call Logger.LogXXX().

- Initial Release